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Icasa's New Out-of-Bundle Regulation

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Click here to read the full notice, and actions to be taken.

As of 1 March 2019 ICASA has implemented a new law, due to the complexity of the changes on the networks side the date has been
moved to 12 April 2019.

Hereafter each and every GSM Commander that is logging to AirDrive will be affected, the new regulation
states that the customer will need to opt-in for out-of-bundle usage.

This means that if you do not opt-in for this service, the network will no longer automatically convert Airtime into data for you, this will result in your GSM Commander falling offline as it no longer has a data connection to the network.

Plans on 2G & 3G shutdown in South Africa, Upgrade to 4G Today!

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Order/Upgrade your GSM Commander to 4G, and/or read the full notice.

It has come to our attention that 2G and 3G will be shut down in South Africa. The exact dates for shutdown have yet to be confirmed but in preparation for this, we now offer a 4G upgrade on your current GSM Commander. If you don't want your GSM Commander to stop working, all you need to do is follow the instructions be reading the full article and by clicking the read more... button.

Due to a global shortage of electronic components, we need to order way in advance in order to ensure that we can help all
our customers. This is why we are allowing you to book now for our 4G upgrades, which will start in January 2023.
Any bookings made in or after January 2023 will cost you R1300.00 excl VAT (R1550 excl VAT with courier).

Customers will be helped on a first come first serve basis.